Sunday, September 16, 2007

Jamaica Different

Hey All,

I am sorry that I have taken soo long to write since the hurricane. Last time i spoke to you things in Jamaica were so different. Most importantly we had a different government. Yup, The Jamaica Labour Party is now that ruling party in power. This is a monumnetal win as the People's National Party has been in power for the last eightenn years. There are numerous things that can be blamed for the loss of the PNP but many Jamaicans are saying the it was Portia's inability to presetn herself that brought the PNP down. There is more to this than what meets the eye. Sure, Portia's behaviour needed some polishing. However, one woman does not a party make. There were many pubklic officials who were also lacking in their duties as public servants. All in all, the country weatches as The Honorasble Bruce Golding is sworn in. Some with hope that this will be different and better, others are indifferent almost certain that it's the same shit dofferent day.

I am one of the hopeful. Jamaica as a country and a people cannot live with anymore heartache and so I watch like the rest of the world, rooting, not as a Labourite or a comrade but first and foremost.. "As a Jamaican"

Blessed Love,


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