Friday, May 01, 2009

Say What Now?

Hi All,

This is going to be a short one. Now I'm not one to look at the magazines or to click on dating advice columns. I'm a firm believer that if you've read at least five Cosmopolitan Magazines then you ain't gonna see nothing new. Alas, idleness would have me click on a yahoo article and while I'm sure the writer has good intentions in mind I cant help but say with all due respect #4 is absolute rubbish. Jamaicans have a saying, "Every hoe have have ddem stick a bush" meaning "There's someone for everyone". So how you dress will affect who likes the way you dress. CHANGING how you dress is exactly the opposite of what you should do. If you dress in purple and green tye dye all your life there is someone out there that will appreciate that. If you like to show all your legs or boobs or armpits. There is someone out there that likes that also.

So in this aspect I beg to disagree. Cause At the end of the day the article should have said "Dress for yourself, only then can you be truly comfortable and confident." This confidence will then resonate and draw your true match. Someone who can appreciate your sense of style".

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QuickBrownFox said...

I dunno... if you're fashionably retarded, a fashion makeover may be just the trick.

It has nothing to do with being "true to yourself", e.g. you identify yourself as a Goth, and as such dress in black every day, and more with correcting a style of dress that is unflattering to you.

PS: Unrelated topic, but isn't Mario Lopez gay? He surely isn't waiting on Ms. Right! :-)