Friday, January 08, 2010

Tax Eh Turbii --> How dis tax ting hurt di dating :p


I hope this blog finds everyone in a good mood for the new year and if not, then hold firm as good things come to those who wait. Speaking of waiting for good things it starting to look like with the current economic situation many girls both local and abroad going to have to wait for likkle money to spend on them. If one time we coulda cuss a man that he's mean for not spending any money now we have to look on tings and give him a pass... Yes! Give the men a pass. Have you seen the new prices out there? Here is a list of a few  things that might possibly get affected:

1] Pick up:- As a girl that grew up living on God's back (really far) you kinda learned to judge how serious a guy was if he insisted on picking you up. BUUUT with these new gas prices, gas tax you have to see with him if he says "meet me there" or if those daily pick ups from work become every other day. Hey! he can still open the car door when you reach

2] Restaurant Calibre :- Bwaay big and serious I drove into a Burger King drive through and saw a combo for $600 JMD that's around $5.00 USD  that might not seem like alot but gone are the days when you can push up you mouth at some Burger King. One bredren tell me that if a girl order lobster she must plan fi run di pums 0_o *hard times I telling you people*.. Ladies you betta reat that BK like is fine dining or a man might be having his way right away lol

3] Allowance:- Now this one dedicated to the kept women the ones with "sugar daddies" you gonna have start budgeting out how you spend that money baaayybee 'cause guaranteed the monthly allowance getting cut down. You have to be understanding School fee raise for the kids, wife still want the lifestyle she's used to , and so naturally is your budget get cut have no fear please see the following budgeting tip.

4] Weave: Yes I said it.. Weeeaavee! Plenty girls wont be getting any dates cause dem ugly without it and weave prive gone up my dear. Yaki cyaaan wear again and Milky way is a luxury maybe you should bring back the alicia keys look and invest in some Kanikalon (not sure is suh it spell). Men don't be surprised if you start seeing alotta "natural mystic" everywhere just support her and have some wonder 8 oil ready in case that puff is dry :p

But on a serious note does this mean that we have to settle in the dating world? That we both have to behave like orphan annie and split a whopper in two?! I think not I think now is the best time to get creative. Ladies instead of going out to dinner and spending more money invite him over make something to eat and here's the thing It doesn't have to be a three course meal. Make some Mac n' Cheese and serve that in nothing but a apron and heels and TRUST MI he'll praise that like its Fillet Mignon*

Fellas rent a DVD invite her over put that on aprojector and have a movie night at home. Sheeitt serve me some Mac n Cheese ina apron alone *sans heels*

If anything these hard times will affirm its what ive been saying all along "it's the little things that matter" .

Faith and Love <- they're tax free,



Sir G said...

Soo Funny, sooo true

Jamaican mommy said...

Serious Biz Chelz n u undercalculated that BK in USD, its more like $6 n change. Oh n woe be unto those who went to every all inclusive party-bear in mind liquour prices have also increased. SMH.

Jamaican mommy said...

Serious Biz Chelz n u undercalculated that BK in USD, its more like $6 n change. Oh n woe be unto those who went to every all inclusive party-bear in mind liquour prices have also increased. SMH.

QuickBrownFox said...

Anything she does wearing only an apron and heels will be greatly appreciated by me!


Anonymous said...

LMBO...Bwoy Chells...yuh nuh easy enuh sis. Yuh 'av mi ah dwl ova ya even tho di cowl nuh backfoot STILL!!

Yuh right bout di budgeting ting fi real and espechallll di natural mystic ting... Di funds ah guh low if people nuh mek di necessary changes.

I gotta use that advice about the nothing but the apron serving mac 'n cheese, maybe an omelette, or a nice sandwich with a salad...keepin it nutrish, yuh feel mi?

Hello Miss Jean! said...

Hilarious! Lol@ Yaki cyaaaaaan wear again! Ahahahahahaha

I love this post....although meeting me for a date isn't 1st date option,. After maybe the 3rd date, I'll ease up a little and meet him half way. I think a lot of men are lazy in dating anyway but I don't want to encourage more slippage.

I won't be a B*tch but I'm not giving up certain pleasantries or amenities. But creativity may work & be easier on his wallet so hopefully if he's into me, he will find a way...But NO BURGER KING! Ahahahaha!