Friday, February 05, 2010

Mirror Mirror On the wall : View From Mars

Now you got to ask yourself this question, if you were to get hit down by a car, would you want it to be a Benz or a Lada? If you’re going to be put in prison, do you want it to be for a big crime or a little one? Then in the same breath if you know your significant other is leaving you for someone else, do you want it to be for someone better looking or uglier?
Mars seems to have a somewhat different outlook on this entire situation, that I’m sure Venus will have choice words for. Where as the female may be concerned with questions like "is she prettier that me" or "does she have a better body", men seem to really only be concerned with one key issue… "is he better than me in the sack".
This may stem from the fact that the male ego doesn’t permit us to see another male as better looking or better built, but our animalistic instinct would always like to know that you were a better lover.
Lets face it, a mans personal appearance meter can be boosted by things like money, possessions and success, whereas the only real thing a woman can do to enhance her appearance is slap on another quote of makeup, a wonder bra or a tight short skirt. In the end it all comes down to sex.
Think about it ladies, has your new love interest asked you any of the following questions pertaining to your ex boyfriend–
1). Does he have a bigger dick than me?
2). Did he always make you come?
3). What positions did you guys do?
4). What did he do that you didn’t like?
But gentlemen, how many times have you heard
1). Is she prettier than me?
2). Did she have a bigger butt?
3). Does she have bigger breast?
4). Are you still attracted to her?
In the end it’s only wise to remember that no two people are alike in appearance, and attraction is something that doesn’t only stem from a physical perspective. But if you can keep your lady happy in the sack, there will be a lot less breakups and a whole lot more make up sex!

Faith & Love,

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Anonymous said...

Dasa interesting post

QuickBrownFox said...

True stuff that boss.

Anonymous said...

That makes a lot of sense. My ex tries to make me jealous and he does this by telling about how good his sex is with his current gf. And that doesn't have any impact on me because I've seen her. She's hideous. I'm wayyy better looking. In return, I sent him a snapshot of my ass and said, "yes, well, does she have one of these?" lol. so very true post!

Anonymous said...

Mums; your points are valid. I think that both genders have similar insecurities and it does come down to wondering if this new flame will fizzle out or if the attraction will fade. Asking those questions is a defense mechanism for reassurance purposes.

yotal said...

I agree, many times our insecurities and assumptions makes us into monsters and it jus pushes dem so way. So what if he is close with his ex. They are the ex n u r now..put all ur energy in making UR relationship work n dnt get all crazy n jealous. I wish I took my own advice at times :)