Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mirror Mirror On the Wall ; View from Venus


I've read Mars' post and while I agree with what he is essentially saying I do have a few things that I need to clarify. Yes whether the person is prettier or uglier it will hurt  however, there is such a thing as twisting the knife. Regardless of what most men would like you to believe they are very cognisant of whether a man is more attractive or not. How else could you explain jealousy? You're trying to tell me that men aren't aware that Common is hot? I don't believe you.
 When I threw the question out there alot of men said that they'd prefer if he was uglier but more succesful that way he could justify that it was financial reasons why she left. To date ONLY  two men have said "Chels, I just dont want to know if he's ugly or not". And so from the male point of view I must agree with Mars men tend to be more concerned if his penis is bigger or if he's better in bed but try as you might to pretend I know it still hurts. Now on the female psyche...

Im not going to front... If a man leaves me for a uglier girl thats gonna mess me u p ALL sorts a ways. Remember Im not the only one seeing her, EVERYBODY is going to see her. Everyone is going to see you (my ex) with and "Ugly Girl" not that's a kick in the stomach. Tell me how do you explain that?! 0_o If she's rich you get a lucky break just label his ass as a gigalo and move on people will believe that before they believe he left your fine ass for a simple jane. Leave you for someone prettier then he's just shallow. It's really a lose lose situation cause at the end of the day she has him or he has her and your ass is left alone, a clearly ugly feeling.
The way I see it Brad Pitt did it best he got a bad ass bitch that no one could deny was hot. As much as he went about his infidelity the wrong way people were understanding cause at the end of the day people are shallow with egos.
Leave me fora bitch so bad I can't help but be a fan. Let me be on the phone like "This asshole! I hate him but damn that bitch is bad". That's my point if you leave my ass it better be for Tits, Ass, Smile And a motha loving personality and then you Might get a bligh.

Faith and Love ,


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Point taken...LOL.

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